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MahaprabhujiThe great Indian saint and God-Realised master Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji was a true incarnation of divine love and wisdom. He resided in Rajasthan, India, from 1828 until 1963. 

He was born a perfect incarnation of the divine and his life was filled with miraculous events and deeds. Many people still alive today witnessed the miracles of his lifetime. The Ashram of Sri Mahaprabhuji in Bari Khatu, on the edge of the Thar Desert, soon became a place of pilgrimage after his departure from this world. Seekers from all over the world come to feel the holy radiance that pervades this place. 

Sri Mahaprabhuji dedicated his life to the service of all creatures. By his example and his words he gave to all who came to him the unchanging and supreme truth of SAT SANATAN DHARMA, regardless of their religion, nationality, gender or social position. 

SAT SANATAN DHARMA means one's eternal and true relationship with the Divine Self. This is what unites all living beings. Sat Sanatan Dharma decalres that all living beings carry within them the same divine light. 

"Love each living being at least as much as yourself" iis the essence of Sri Mahaprabhuji's message to mankind. "To love" means to understand, forgive, help and give. All living beings are the children of God and are part of Him. The aim of human life is to realise that truth. This means to give up egoism, narrow-mindedness and selfishness, and to live in oneness and harmony with all. 

At the age of 135 years Sri Mahaprabhuji departed from this world on the exact day and hour he predicted one year in advance. However, his loving spirit remains present and the light that he kindled in the hearts of his devotees is as indelible as  the divine flame of his own source.

The main points of Sri Mahaprabhuji’s wisdom are summarized in his Golden Teachings.