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Multiculturalism - Understand it!

Wake up, grow up!

The Practice of Yoga in Daily Life

Sustainable development and the impact of human consciousness

Cultivate your relationships

Start to practise Yoga in Daily Life

Mala Vikshepa Avarana

The purpose of human life

Christmas Satsang 10 Dec. 2005

Guru Purnima

To Respect God, is to Respect Nature

The Yoga in Daily Life Spiritual Lineage

Satsang about Shivaratri

Spirituality Means to Take Care of this Beautiful Living Planet

About Yoga in Daily Life – The System

Can we change the world

Mantra and Prana

The Meaning of “Hatha Yoga”

Yoga in Daily Life and Self-Realization

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Yoga in Daily Life Spirituality, Religion and World Peace

Satsang Story - What the Big Bird Said

You Are Brahma, You Are Vishnu, You Are Shiva

About the Lives of the Saints and the Sense of Writing Biographies

Mind Mantra Meditation & Yoga

The Light of Life

The Story of the Bird and of Love

What is Yoga?

Mind & Consciousness Become the Eyes of the Self

Meaning of the Mantra OM

Yoga Tip - Mantra

Yoga Tip - Four Cornerstones for a Spiritual Life

Nadis, the Body's Energy Channels

The Guru Principle

Australian Swami Bestowed Great Spiritual Honour

Practice Makes Perfect

Nivritti and Pravritti

Yoga, a Non-Dogmatic Spiritual Path

Know Your Hidden Potential through Knowledge of the Chakras

Clearing Misconceptions About Yoga

Swamiji Explains Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

What is Spirituality?

Yoga of the Heart

Non Violence, Consideration to Others & Self

The Power of Gayatri Mantra

This Too Will Pass